Big rock flower farming method

Farming method


The growth temperature of Daqi Tong has different requirements in different seasons. It is 18-25 ° C in January to October, and October to 10-12 ° C in the second year. The suitable temperature can make the leaves grow lush, flowers Bright.


Daqi Tongxi is half-yin, warm environment, pay attention to proper shading in breeding, avoid direct sunlight, preferably absorb scattering light, constantly adjust according to actual growth conditions.


Watering should be appropriate, too much to cause the tuber rot, the leaves, the summer high temperature, to increase the number of watering, often spray water in the plants, maintain environmental humidity.


Daqi Tong likes loose, fertile humus soil. Therefore, it is necessary to use a well-rich, loose microbic acid soil cultivation.


Big rithopper from the exhibition, before the blossom, it should be a week, it is best to use the decomposed thin organic liquid fertilizer, and the threshing pieces are donated every 10 days.

After the formation of flower buds, it is necessary to increase the phosphate fertilizer, and it is also necessary to increase bone powder or calcium phosphate.


Avoid vanes with water

The flowers of Daqi Tong, the leaves are growing on the leaf, once the water is touched, it is extremely easy to rot, so I remember that it is not possible to spray water, it is best to use the water water to water.

Control flow rate temperature

Flower period pay attention to avoid rain, temperature should not be too high, can extend the flower period.

Fertilizers do not stain blades

Do not touch the blades when fertilization, after each fertilization, to spray the water once, keep the leaves clean. But immediately rub the leaves immediately and prevent rot.

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