Blue mustard breeding methods and precautions

Blue mustard breeding method

Temperature and light

Lanxiang mustard likes the growing environment with sufficient sunlight and cool climate. Maintaining lower temperatures can form a good plant shape. Generally, it is better to grow in the environment with full light to a slightly overcast condition, but in the hot summer, it is necessary to cover proper shade and do a good job of ventilation.

Water and fertilizer

Because the blue fragrant mustard is a dwarf plant, the branches and leaves are hairy, so pay attention to watering and fertilization to avoid dirty leaves, and erase the water fertilizer left on the leaves, otherwise it will easily cause the branches and leaves to rot.


It is advisable to drain well, loose and breathable medium.

Precautions for Blue Mustard Breeding

When the environmental conditions of the management are not so ideal, it is best to spray 1 or twice short stubbornly, which can prevent the blue fragrant mustard and control the plant shape.

Under normal circumstances, blue fragrant mustard has no serious pest. Pay attention to the cultivation process of the blue fragrant mustard must maintain a reasonable and good line distance to prevent the plant shape and pests due to congestion and cause pests.

Remove the grateful flowers and stems should be removed in time, which is conducive to making the second season blossom more lush. The blue fragrant mustard blooms and lush in the second year, and the ornamental effect is good. At this time, it is suitable to match with other flowers and plants that bloom at the same time. For example, cattle -eye chrysanthemum is a good choice.

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