Blue Star Flower Working Method and Precautions

Blue star flower breeding method

Light and temperature

Blue Star likes sunshine, with strong light adaptability, can be full or half sunshine. When placed in indoor maintenance, it is necessary to contact the sun, get sufficient light, lack of light, and the plant is growing, and it will affect blossoming.

Blue Star Flower is produced in subtropical regions, and its suitable growth temperature is 20-30 degrees. In winter, wintering temperatures are relatively high, and the temperature will stop growing below 8 ° C, and it will go to sleep.

Humidity requirements

Blue Star like a moist environment, requiring air temperature between 50 and 70%. The air humidity cannot be too low, otherwise the lower blade of the blue star flower will appear, fall off, and the upper blade is not lustrous.

Water fertilizer management

Water is important to Blue Star Flower, spring, summer, three seasons are the growth season of Blue Star Flowers, to give sufficient moisture, especially in summer, plants cannot be lack of water, and when the temperature is high, water is increased. Winter Blue Star Flowers will be dormant and reduce the number of watering.

Because the flower period of the Blue Star can be said to be a year, it is flowering almost four seasons, and it is necessary to recharge the fertilizer. Some fertilizers can be added to the growth season.

Pay attention to adding some organic fertilizers when the basin is added, and the application speed can be fixed monthly.

Blue Star Flower Perspective


Blue Star flows in winter, you will go to sleep or half-sleep. It is also possible to combine the cutting of the branches.

Breeding method

The propagation of Blue Star Flowers is mainly sowing breeding and cutting breeding.

Exchange pot

The growth rate of Blue Star Flowers is very fast. When the plant grows, it is necessary to give it a big pot, and the casting time can be spring.

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