Brazilian farming method


Brazilian iron is warm, and the light is sufficient, it is more intimate, cold-resistant, but it is also afraid of the sun. Therefore, it should be placed in place near the balcony with sunlight or scattering light. The sufficient absorption of the light can make it good for photosynthesis, and the sufficient growth of plants can make the air in the home fresh and breathing smooth.


Brazilian iron is suitable for growth between 20-30 ° C, the warm ambient temperature can make it better for photosynthesis and breathing, is a living in the home.


Brazilian iron is suitable with soil loose, fertile and good drainage. When planting, it is possible to ensure that the Brazilian iron drainage is generally reduced to reduce the water of the pot soil, preventing the phenomenon of rotten roots, and can also grow their health.


Brazilian Tiexi warm environmental climate, so farming Brazilian iron needs to maintain high air humidity, avoid watering, and water will lead to rot. The usual watering should not be too much, the potting soil is dry and then poured.

When the temperature dropped to 13 ° C, it would enter the sleeping period when the temperature dropped to 13 ° C. At this time, water is appropriately reduced, and the pellet is wet and biased; if the long-term overwhelmium in the basin will lead to the rotten roots of the plant and die.


Brazilian iron is not high in fertilization, and the seedlings are poured once every 15 days during the growing period of the seeds. The formation strain can be fertilized once every 2 months. Fertilizers should be based on phosphorus, but you can apply nitrogen fertilizer.

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