Breeding method and precautions

Rabbit’s breeding method

Water.Growing a water once a week, keeping the soil wet wet wet in the basin, must avoid strengthening water.When the temperature is high in summer, in order to prevent the root rot, it is necessary to reduce watering, and in winter, minus 5 degrees must be basically wanted.

Lights and temperatures.Rabbit Rabi full-scale photo.Require light, otherwise it will cause long.Moon rabbit is a hot, not cold-resistant.

soil.Soil can mix peat with coal residue, requiring drainage and breathable.

Fertilization.Fertilizes once a month, it is easy to be trap, it is easy to be long.

Bunny farming precautions

The growth rate of moon rabbits is very fast, and it is usually changed once every one to two years.The tour time is in the early spring.

The propagation method of moon rabbit is mainly divided into a propagation and cutting reproduction.

Moon Rabbit I like cool and avoid waste, sleep in summer, the rest of the time is the growth period,

Moon Rabbit I like illumination, lack of light is easy.

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