Breeding method of raspberry

Difficulty of raspberry breeding

Raspberry is also called mountain berry, with perennial upright small shrubs. Raspberry Xiyang, strong environmental adaptability, long plant life, can usually survive for 20 years if you manage it. Raspberry is also a relatively easy to reproduce plant. There are also many ways to reproduce. There are two major categories: roots and breeding.

How to breed raspberries


The rhizomes of raspberries can germinate many roots every year, and they can change from small plants to clusters in a few years. Autumn is suitable for rhizome breeding. Use tools to dig out the roots and seedlings, cut into a section of root systems and buried, and be formally planted in the beginning of spring.

When digging the root stems of raspberries, there are things called horizontal roots, which can also breed raspberry seedlings. Or the buds of the sideways are also acceptable. Dig out the gully and put it in it. Watering and horse dung can also cultivate raspberry seedlings.

Pressed breeding method

In August each year, the front end of the raspberry branches is pulled to the ground, placed in the soil, or pushed the entire branch down and buried. When the strong branches grow off the links of the mother’s body, a new raspberry seedlings will be born!


In the autumn, cut the cellar with a branch of the annual length of 40 centimeters, remove the early spring season, dig a one -meter wide cricket to insert both ends of the storage branches. Cut the young buds, so that two raspberry seedlings can be obtained at once.

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