Breeding methods and precautions for drug grass

Breeding method

Temperature and light

Drugs have low temperature requirements. The suitable growth temperature is between 10-20 ° C and can tolerate low temperature below 0 ° C. Drugs like the growing environment with sufficient sunlight, and the bonsai is suitable for lighting in the light and proper ventilation.


It is usually poured 1-2 times a week. If the branches and leaves have a stingy situation, the water needs to be replenished immediately to recover. In addition, the nutritional solution can be poured every other time to promote its growth.


Due to the rapid growth of drugs, pruning needs to be carried out in time, which can be trimmed once a week. Just cut off the new leaves on the tall branches.

Insect pest

Don’t pay too much attention to insect pests, drugs will emit a unique atmosphere, which can absorb harmful gases.

Precautions for breeding of drug grass

Give an appropriate amount of light and avoid direct light. Frequently spray water at the leaves, usually once every two or three days.

Drugs like soft soil. They can mix a large amount of pine branches and dead leaves in the cultivation soil, which makes the soil soft, which is conducive to the growth and stretching of the root system.

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