Brown bamboo breeding method and precautions

Soil requirements

The soil planting brown bamboo can choose rot leave soil + garden soil + river sand, evenly mixed. When planted, the appropriate amount of base fertilizer is added, and the flower pot can be used to burn the mud basin.

Illumination requirements

Brown bamboo is a southern plant, which should be maintained in warm moist, ventilated, and shades. On weekdays, don’t let the sun direct, otherwise the leaves will be yellow, and the flower pot should be placed in the shade. Brown bamboo is growing slow, especially when the sun is strong in summer, the shade is more than 50%.

Watering method


The temperature in summer is high, and the soil is easy to dry. It is necessary to cast a water in the morning and evening, and the leaves are sprayed.

Watering should not be too eloquent, keep the pot soil moist, and ensure that the basin is not accumulated. The water will lead to rotten roots.

Water is appropriately controlled in winter, as long as it is not dry, do not water. Add water time try to choose noon at noon.

Fertilization method

3 to 4 weeks in the spring and autumn, ambed contained liquid fertilizer, promoting the growth of plants.

In summer, thin fat is diligent, add a small amount of ferrous sulfate in fertilizer to promote green green. Fertilizes 1 to 2 times a month.

In May, multi-synatum can be watered, which can effectively control the height of the plants and make it short.

Trim and drain

The trim of brown bamboo is very simple, mainly to cut the yellow leaves, so that each branch has a level.

Raised a basin every two years, which can be planted appropriate for new plants. Turning the basin is generally from 3 to April for a part of the old soil and planted after disinfection.


Brown bamboo should often spray moisture on the blade of plants, suitable for potted plants.

Each time the fertilization is small, there are more times. The organic fertilizer is mainly, trace fertilizer is auxiliary.

Brown bamboo requires a lot of water. When watering, remember to get down from the growth point of brown bamboo, so that the water flows from the bottom to the root, keeps the water in the pot.

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