Cactus breeding method

The best farming time of the fairy ball

The fairy pot pots are best carried out in early spring, cutting, grafting time is best carried out in 4-50 months.

Soil of the cactus

The fairy ball requires soil’s drainage and breathability, it is best to choose a sandy soil for cultivation.

The growth and humidity of the fairy ball

The fairy ball is best to breed in a dry environment, it is afraid of water, but drought-tolerance. Therefore, the potted cactus can water, it is best to choose water to dry, pay attention to watering water when watering is watering.

The growth temperature of the fairy ball

The fairy ball is high-temperature drying growth environment, so it is preferably 20 ° C above 20 ° C during the winter, and the temperature at night is relatively low, but should not have a large temperature difference, should keep the temperature above 10 ° C, otherwise the temperature is too low The phenomenon that will cause rotten roots.

The growing light of the cactus

The fairy ball culture requires sunshine, but it is best not to be strong in the summer, although the cactus ball droughts, but after all, the fairy ball and the cactus in the desert are still resistant to the gap, and the breeding should be properly blocked. It is conducive to the growth of the cactus.

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