Calculine breeding method and precautions

Environmental requirements

Soil choice

Horseshoe planting should use the soil pottery basin or purple sandbasin in diameter, and the soil chooses deep fertile, loose microlyidate loose soil, which can be used in the proportion of rot leaves, vegetable gardens, fine sand, 6: 3: 1 ratio Mixed formation.

Fertilization method

The growth of calla lily requires a lot of nutrient fertilizer, and it is necessary to make a thin fertilizer before flowering, and 1 nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium composites every 10 days.

Watering method

Horseshoe Lily is a moist environment, to water, keep the pot soil, but do not strengthen water, pay attention to the water to sprinkle the water, which is easy to cause leaf soft rot. Try not to water in May, after the sleep period, the callin leaves will turn yellow, and then put the horseshoe in the cool and ventilated trend.

Temperature requirements

Suitable temperatures can promote the flowering of calla, the temperature is less than 10 ° C, and the flowers will be delayed, and 0 ° C may cause death. The temperature is maintained at 15 to 25 ° C.

Illumination requirements

Horseshoe likes sunshine, there should be more light, especially in winter, lack of light, will be postponed.

Breeding method


After the flowering period or during the sleep period, the stem of the healthy mother strain was dug, according to the size of the original stem, divided into 2 to 3 bush, each with 2 to 3 buds, change the ball, 3 months, can flow in 3 months .

Molecular ball breeding

After the dormancy, the tubes were taken, and some smaller tubers were cut. Placed in the potting soil, but at least 1 to 2 years can achieve the effect you want, take time and labor, not recommended!

Upper basin

A fragile plastic foam block in the pelvic bottom pad, add some nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium compound fertilizer in cultured soil.

Choose the stem of the thick buds 4 to 5, slightly trim.

Each basin is placed in 3 to 5 strains, and the buds are placed on top, covering a layer of thick soil. Then water, placed in the yin, and move it to the sun after growing.


Horseshoe is afraid of smoke, pay attention to the position of the flower pot near the cigarette near the kitchen, otherwise it will be very easy to leave.

The dwarf calm lotion is more ornamental, and it can only be done slightly in maintenance. In the summer, when the calla land enters the sleeping period, the multi-effects plus a small amount of fine soil is mixed around the plants, 10 ~ 15 grams no pot, then watering it! For about a week, your plants become small!

Fertilizers cannot be poured on the blade when fertilization, and the external aging leaves will be removed in time. In the summer, the leaves are all yellowing, don’t worry, take out the tubers to dry, store, and plant in the fall.

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