Camellia Summer Management

Camellia Summer Management


In the summer, the camellia is placed in the shadow, cool and ventilated place around 8 am to about 5 pm every day, and around 6 pm, move the pot to the place where the night dew can be accepted. At the same time, pay attention to let the plants receive the solar light.

Spraying and moisturizing

Water in summer should be watered to keep the humidity inside the basin. It can usually spray water on the leaf surface, basin surface, and the surrounding ground, which can not only cool down, but also maintain humidity. Entering summer, pay attention to controlling watering to promote the formation of flower buds. Remind everyone not to use cold water to pour the roots of the plant directly under the condition of high temperature loss to prevent the root of the root.

Long soil control

It is found that the spring shoots of the camellia are too strong, and the soil is needed to cut off some root systems to reduce the absorption of nutrients. After entering the summer, it is applied to the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. From July to September, it is recommended to perform leaf surface spraying or potting soil 0.2%-0.3%potassium dihydrogen phosphate, boric acid, etc. to increase the budding rate

Branches and cutting

Excessive flower buds will affect the growth of the second year, and the quality of flowering will decrease. Therefore, after August, dense buds and deformity flower buds should be removed. The diseased and insect branches, long branches, and dense branches should be trimmed in time to reduce nutritional consumption and maintain ventilation.

Prevent sickness

The main disease of potted mountain camellia is cubes and smoke diseases, and 50%bacterial spirit 500-800 times solution can be used. It can be sprayed in half a month, and the effect can be seen in two to three times. For insect pests, it can be artificially removed or sprayed with a potion.

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