Can Africa jasmine bask in the sun?

Can African jasmine in the sun?

African jasmine can bask in the sun.African jasmine is a plant that likes light. It is positive and has a strong ability to resist heat.

When breeding African jasmine, because you like light, you must meet the needs of light and make it exposed to the sun appropriately.So how do African jasmine bask in the sun?

How to bask in the sun in African jasmine

When taking the sun to Africa, everyone needs to pay attention to keep the light sufficient.Generally, in the growing season, it is necessary to satisfy sufficient sunshine, but in summer, because the light and temperature are strong, you need to pay attention to avoid strong light. You cannot expose the sun and it is easy to burn the blades.

In summer, it is best to keep African jasmine in a half -shade place, choose a place with bright scattered light, or cover it with shades, but be careful not to overhaurize excessively, so as not to fall off when the leaves are yellow.

Pay attention to keeping the environment ventilation.

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