Can Clivia Cycus bloom?

Clivia can bloom after clamping arrows

The phenomenon of cliffing arrows refers to the flower arrow card in the middle of the leaves when the Clivia is breeding, which cannot grow or even die.

But this is not to say that the Clivia is completely rescued after the arrow is clamped. After appropriate treatment, the cliffs of the arrow can still bloom.

How to blossom at the cliff of the arrow


If Clivia appears, you can pour a little vinegar. After diluting the vinegar with 10 times the water, teach the Clivia to see the new flower arrow after 4/5 days. About half a month after pouring, you can grow to a normal height.

Dark treatment

Another faster method is to move the Clivia to the dark place, keep the appropriate warmth, and then separate the leaves of the Clivia, tie it with a rope, and expose the middle flower arrow in the middle.

Basically, the gentleman’s orchid can grow out of the arrow in about 3-5 days.


Pouring the beer to water on the Clivia can also play a similar role.

Basically, taking some small tricks, Clivia can grow out again and bloom again.

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