Can I put in the fish tank in the copper coat?

Can copper coins be placed in the fish tank?

In fact, it is not impossible to put the copper coin grass in the fish tank. Many flower friends have practiced it. The copper coins put in the fish tank can still grow. However, the growth situation will be slightly worse, and it feels better than the copper coins breeding in other ways.

Put the copper coins in the fish tank. In fact, most of them are directly placed in the water, drowning the entire plant in the water.

There are two basic methods. One is that when the copper coins grow poorly, when the growth is weak, put it into the fish tank. Because the copper coins grow fast, the molding is still fast. There is also a better state of copper coins, and then put it in the water.

After putting the copper coins into the water, you need to press the small stones and the like on it to avoid floating up.

What should I pay attention to when breeding in the fish tank

First of all, although the copper coins in the fish tank can grow, in fact, its growth is not as good as the copper coin grass breeding of soil, hydroponic, or semi -earth and semi -aquacted. The growth will be slow and even stagnant. Secondly, it is important to pay attention to breeding copper coins in the water. To avoid the floating up, it is best to suppress it with small stones, so that there is a decorative effect. Another point is that if you cultivate copper grass in the water, it is best to change the plant frequently. It is usually changed every 1/2 months.

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