Can tea be poured flowers?

1. Whether to pour flowers

The residual tea is a good potassium fertilizer. It can be used to water the flowers and trees. While maintaining soil water, it can also supplement the plant nutrients, promoting the developed roots and lush branches.

Do you need fermentation

The residual tea can be fermented separately and poured flowers, or it can be carried with rice water and orange peels.

Third, the way of pouring flowers

1. After the residual tea is placed for a day or two, it is slightly fermented, which can be used for acidic flowers and plants.

2. Put the residual tea and rice water and orange peel into a sealing fermentation. After the fermentation is completed, the residue is poured off, and a certain amount of water is placed, and flowers and plants are poured every few days.

3. Use of tea: If there are a lot of tea in the tea water, you can dry the tea leaves first, and then add soil fermentation when you save it to a certain amount, which can be used to improve the soil.

Fourth, applicable flowers

The residual tea is acidic and is suitable for acidic plants, such as rhododendron, jasmine, and hanging orchids. It is not suitable for rose, chrysanthemums, and cactus.

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