Can tea slag can raise flowers?

Method of breeding flowers

In fact, whether this tea slag can be raised, the answer is okay.

In the tea, the elements contain are still very rich, such as potassium oxide, organic carbon, etc. These are suitable for raising flowers, and the effect is not bad.

There are two methods to use tea slag to raise flowers.

The first is to ferment it. You can use a plastic bucket to pour the tea slag in. You can also pour the remaining tea. After half a bottle, you can cover the lid, and then wait for its fermentation. This method is actually a long time, which usually takes half a month or even a month. When the fermentation is completed, it can be used as a fertilizer and mixed in the soil. But pay attention, do not just rely on the fertilizer of tea slag.

The second is to dry the tea slag. Pay attention to the drying, and then mix it into the soil for flower fertilizer. This method is relatively clean and hygienic.

Precautions for flowering

In fact, although tea slag can be raised, it cannot be used casually.

This is mainly to contain a large amount of tea alkali in tea and tea residue. This ingredient has no direct effect on the growth of the plant, and it may change the nature of the soil. Secondly, placing the tea slag directly on the soil will affect the soil absorption of water and impermented, and it will rot after a long time, which is not good for the growth of the plant. Another point is that tea slag will ferment in the flower pot. This process will consume a lot of energy in the soil and release heat, which will affect the growth of flowers.

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