Can the cactus be alive?

Can live without root

There is no need to have no hope for the immortal palm without root. Don’t rush to discard it first. The possibility of saving is still very high. This is a kind of plant with powerful vitality. Under normal circumstances, even if there is no root of the cactus, it can survive. If the roots are found to be rotten or the roots are cut off, it is necessary to clean up the rotten part in time before planting.


First of all, deal with the wound, you can dip some plants and gray for disinfection and sterilization, and then place the plant in a cool place. Put a few days and wait until the wound is completely dry. This can easily make plants infection, rotten, and difficult to feed. Let’s take a look at the specific process and future maintenance management.

Prepare the container and nutritional soil in advance. The container is suitable for a mud basin with a suitable size, loose, breathable and drainable, and bury the cactus sphere into the soil. The depth is about a quarter of the sphere. Don’t rush to water first. It is best to wait until the root of the roots is sent and gives a little water. When watering, pay attention to avoid letting the sphere from getting water. Generally, do not water it directly from it. In the nearby soil. Place plants in places with sufficient light and ventilation. Under normal management, new roots can be emitted for about a month.

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