Can wormwood be planted at home?

Is it suitable for planting at home?

In fact, if this grass is suitable for planting at home, it is actually a bit inappropriate. The wormwood plants are actually very high. At the highest, it can grow to about 2 meters, and wormwood has a strong smell. Therefore, the home is not suitable for breeding wormwood.

Of course, if everyone feels that there is a suitable space in their homes and not worried about the smell of wormwood, then there is no problem to raise one or two plants.

How to raise potted plants

Wordworm is more common in the wild. If you want to cultivate in your own home, it is mainly to find plant planting.

Some people want to buy the seeds of wormwood to come back for sowing. In fact, this is not advocated, because many times the seeds that buy are not necessarily the seeds of wormwoods everyone wants. You can dig the roots of the plant in the wild. Come back for potted plants. If you want to buy, buying a small seedling is more reliable.

It is basically the same as raising flowers to raise wormwood pots. Because wormwood plants are still relatively high, pay attention to choosing a deeper flowerpot when choosing a flower pot. When maintenance, pay attention to watering. Generally, it is dry and wet. You need to pay attention to light when breeding on the balcony.

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