Can you district molecular treasure and beef?

The difference between the child and the beef cattle: the growth rate is different

Zi Bao is a view of the leafy herb, two collections of seedlings, and after adults, increased the leaf of the leaves, gradually arranged into a lotus seat.The blade grows fast.

The beef is slow, and the formation of the formation in the long-term variation is not large.It is often a specimen in foreign countries. It can be imagined that it is slower!

The difference between the treasure and the beef cattle: the shape of the blade is different

The beverage blades are long, stacked, and arranged in a lotus.The thickness of the beverage blade is more uniform, and the foliage is smooth.

The beef leaves paste the blade, the lowermost blade close to the ground.The beef leaves are thick, the tip is tipped, the leaves are covered with stars, and the surface is rough.

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