Can’t you raise flowers if you close the balcony?Nonsense, raising these is more beautiful than the open -air garden!

Close Nanda

Closed to Nantai, at least 6-8 hours of light in the day. Although the glass blocks some of the ultraviolet rays, it is generally a better flower farm. You can plant some happy flowers, or you can plant succulent plants, colorful plants, colorful plants, colorful plants, colorful plants, colorful plants, colored colors Leaf flowers and fruit pots.

Recommended flowers 1: Dwarf Mornea

Stepping on the small seedling period, you can hang up better, and apply fishy water once a week.

Recommended flowers 2: Geranium

It is easy to raise, do not water the water, cut it back in autumn, control the plant shape, and promote the germination of the side buds.

Recommended flowers 3: Margaret

I have been topping the top from a small seedling period, staying with two, turn around once a week, and apply compound fertilizer once a week.

Recommended flowers 4: Little hibiscus

If you want to bloom more, apply more fertilizer, and apply 1-2 times a month. Promote more to promote side buds.

Recommended flowers 5: blue snowflakes

Water in the spring and summer growth season, keep the pot soil moist, control water in autumn and winter, and do not pour it.

Recommended flowers 6: dry golden lotus

Seeding with seeds, not high requirements for the soil, water, keep the pot soil moisturizing, and enter the room in winter.

Recommended flowers 7: fleshy meat

Drought tolerance and waterlogging and waterlogging, poured once in the spring and autumn per week, and poured 1-2 times a month in summer and winter. There are more soil particles.

Recommended flowers 8: alum root

Try to expose it as much as possible, watering without watering, you can usually apply nitrogen fertilizer.

Recommended flowers 9: Net -patterned grass

It is not cold, move into the room in winter, watering should not be too dry or dry, and keep the pot surface slightly moisturized.

Recommended flowers 10: Five Figs

Drought resistance, the pot soil is dry and then watered. If you want more results, you can apply more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.

Close East Balcony

Closed the east balcony, there will be about 4 hours of light in the morning, which is suitable for planting some short -day flowers and green plants.

Recommended flowers 1: hydrangea

Keep the pot soil moist in spring, summer and autumn, especially in summer, and keep the pot soil slightly dry in winter.

Recommended flowers 2: Longevity flowers

During the growth period, we will have more topping and topping, and more flowering will be blossomed.

Recommended flowers 3: Cameron Come

Water water, seeing flowers or leaves pouring down a little bit, quickly pour water, water the leaves.

Recommended flowers 4: Rhododendron

Afraid of waterlogging, you usually see the pot soil whitening and then watering. The soil should be loose.

Recommended flowers 5: Horned

Sowing in the northern spring, sancing in the south in the south, the seeds gradually see light after germination, nitrogen fertilizer, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer before pregnancy.

Recommended flowers 6: Ball orchid

Drought resistance and yin and easy to raise, just water it once 1-2 weeks, usually spray water in multi-leaf surface.

Recommended flowers 7: Fortune Tree

Do not wet, most of the fortune trees are poured, and the surface of the soil can be poured 3 cm dry.

Recommended flowers 8: Clivia

I like the astigmatism environment, the pot soil is not dried or poured, and the fertilizer can be poured once in 2 weeks.

Closed west balcony

The west balcony is the same as the east balcony. It can only be illuminated by about 4 hours in the afternoon. It can only raise some short -day flowers and some green plants.

Recommended flowers 1: Crab Claw Orchid

Drought resistance, do not dry the pot soil, and during the budding period of autumn, you can spray potassium dihydrogen hydrogen hydrogen hydrogen to the leaf surface. Do not move frequently after flowering.

Recommended flowers 2: Lig Begonia

The pot soil is not dried or poured, and the long fertilizer should keep up with the water. Pour water-soluble compound fertilizer once 1-2 weeks.

Recommended flowers 3: Fengxian flowers

Use peat soil to mix some peak rock species, add some chicken manure for bottom fertilizer. Don’t like big water, soil is dried before pouring.

Recommended flowers 4: Dayan Tong

Do not be lower than 5 degrees, keep the soil slightly moist, do not accumulate water. OK during the growth period.

Recommended flowers 5: spiderland

Put the water once a week, pour it once in winter 2 weeks, and sprinkle a few capsules in the water or basin noodles per month.

Recommended flowers 6: white palm

Do not expose it, keep the pot soil moist, and generally have better hydroponics.

Recommended flowers 7: Tigerpilan

Drought tolerance, do not water too much. The soil is dry and watered. The soil is mixed with sand.

Recommended flowers 8: Luo Luo

Green Luo is kept on the west balcony, and it will grow faster to accept certain light. Watering 1-2 times a week.

Closed North Balcony

There is basically no direct light in the North Balcony, only a small amount of scattered light, so it is basically not suitable for planting flowers, but it is very suitable for the growth of some yin -resistant green plants.

Recommended flowers 1: Turtle back bamboo

Like wet, watering 1-2 times in spring, summer and autumn, and watering about 2 weeks in winter.

Recommended flowers 2: Hi Yinhua

Especially yin resistance, watering 1 week in spring and autumn, watering 2-3 times in summer, 2-3 times in winter, about once every 2 weeks.

Recommended flowers 3: hanging bamboo plum

Like cool and humid, watering 2-3 times a week in spring, summer and autumn, and 1-2 weeks in winter.

Recommended flowers 4: Dragon Blood Tree

Do not wet, water for 2-3 times a month.

Recommended flowers 5: Douban green

I like moist but not too much watering, and water when the pot is very light.

Recommended flowers 6: rubber tree

Drought resistance and yin and yin, dry the surface of the pot soil, and then water it before watering.

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