Cardioplasm, breeding method and precautions

Soil requirements

The ball is suitable for indoor cultivation. The potted soil can be used in the garden soil, the proportion of rot leaves, sand, sand, and the proportion of 2: 2: 1, the drainage needs to be good.

Illumination requirements

The rays of the light will affect the level of the ball, if you want to have a colorful and long flower period, it is best to put the goalands in the most bright place, but avoid direct sunlight to avoid burning leaves. The basss should be placed in the towel, avoiding direct sunlight, indoors can leave from the South window, keep the leaves and green light, and good flowering. In the summer, you need to move to shades, prevent light light from direct shooting, otherwise the leaves are easy to become yellow. If you have a long time to put it in the lack of light, the leaves are dim, and there is less and not unrestrained. The wire can be circled, entangled with the branches, and let the rejuvenation grow, more beneficial to pick out. There is no moving banding position after the expiration, the flower ball is always facing the light.

Temperature requirements

Sexuality is warm and humid, fertility is 10-128 ° C; after mid-October, the temperature should be 10 ~ 14 ° C, placed in dryness, and the light is plenty of winter, the wintering lowest temperature is 7 ° C. If it is less than 5 ° C, it is easy to suffer from cold, causing fallen leaves, and even the whole plant.

Breeding method

Breeding uses cutting or crimping method, the root is easy. Generally speaking, it is carried out in late spring; cutting a stem end of about 10 cm, and inserting the eggs in the cutting agent and then inserting into the soil can also be used. The potential temperature should be maintained at 20-25 ° C when cutting. It will be portable after 3 to 10 weeks, and it will be portable after two weeks after two weeks. High branches can be carried out in spring.

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