Cat mint breeding methods and precautions

Breeding method


Cat mint is suitable for soils planted in good drainage. The degree of fertilization can be medium. It can apply some slow -release fertilizers in moderation, and apply thin liquid fertilizer once a week. Cat Mint is recommended to plant in a flower pot with moderate size. The flower pots should not be too small. If the flower pot is too small, it will affect its growth. The soil configuration is one -third of the humus soil, two -thirds of the garden soil.


Cat mint can be sowed directly through the seeds, 1-3 capsules can be planted in each hole, and the seeds can be covered with vermiculite after sowing. If the temperature is between 18-22 degrees, it can be sprouted for 10-14 days. Directly, placed in the shade.

Germination method

You can prepare a tray, put the soil in the tray, then put the seeds into the tray, and spray some water evenly. Then put the tray in the thermostat box, adjust the thermostat box to 25 degrees, and cultivate the heights of 24 to 30 hours.


When the temperature is high in summer, water must be watered every day. Mint is more wet and wet in winter. Seed germination temperature is 15-20 ° C, and the life of the seeds is generally 1 year. The root system is more sensitive to water. It is necessary to prevent waterlogging. Between the two watering, the pot soil should be completely dry.


It is best to take full sunlight. If the light is insufficient, it will grow long.

Precautions for cat mint farming


Cat mint is very vine, so it is recommended to plant it in the flower pot, but the cat mint should be trimmed at any time. The more frequent the trimming, the better it will be, and it will bloom a small blue -purple flower, so make one to make one Hard work.

Pest Control

Generally, catmints will not be affected by diseases and insect pests, so there is usually no need to use pesticides, just poured a bactericide once after transplantation.

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