Cedar’s breeding method and precautions

Cedar breeding method

Water management

Cedar has a certain drought resistance, afraid of waterlogging, and keep the soil in the basin wet. Watering it when it is dry. Pay attention to drain water in time after the rain to prevent cedar from rotten roots.


It is suitable to choose fermented manure and cake fertilizer to fertilize. Potted planting is mainly cake fertilizer. It is best to control the fertilizer time from April to May. Do not do too much fertilizer and can be applied in 2-3 times.


Generally, it is necessary to turn the basin every 2-3 years, which is suitable for spring buds in spring. When turning the pot, change to half of the loose and fertile new soil, and cut off the rotten roots at the same time. After turning the pot, you need to move it to the shade for about 15 days, and it can be managed normally.


During the management process of Cedar, you need to pay attention to plastic surgery and change. Cedar is heavy, the head will be damaged or in weak, and it must be pulled up and tied with strong side skills. In the future, it becomes a central advantage. This process is to change the head.

The trimming mainly removes too dense branches, long branches, dead branches, and diseases and insect branches, and shaped the tree shape freely according to personal preference. In order to prevent cedar from being too high, the top buds need to be removed to eliminate the advantages of the top, which can make cedar germinate more side branches.

Precautions for cedar breeding


When cedar potted plants, we mainly pay attention to the prevention and treatment of leaf blight. It can spray 500-800 times liquid of the enemy. There are many pests, and 80%of the dichlorvos can be sprayed with a solution of 1000-1500 times.

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