Changchun vine flowers?

Changchun vine flowers?

The most beautiful moment of plants is probably blooming. Of course, even if there is no flowering, there are many plants that have their own characteristics and beauty, just lacking this step of flowering, will increase some regrets.

Changchun Cineher’s leaves are green, the leaf shade is beautiful, and the leaf is also very meaningful. But Changchun is also blooming. The flowers in Changchun are very beautiful, and the flowers are compact, exquisite, very ornamental. It is a very good view of the plant.

Changchun vinea

The flower period of Changchun is relatively long, usually flowers in the spring. When Changchun is blooming, it will last until May, and it is almost accompanied by the whole spring. Whenever Changchun is blooming, a blue flower will be opened from a plenary green leaf, which is very elegant.

Changchun vine flower color

Changchun vine flowers are similar to Changchun, there are 5 petals, petals stretched around, but petals are elongated than the petals of Changchun, and there is a corner and petals. It is not so close. The barrel is relatively elongated and the funnel shape is present.

Changchun vine flower blue is purple, the color is very elegant. It may be deeply shallow due to some elements in the breeding process.

Changchun vine flower precautions

During the Changchun vines, it is necessary to reduce watering, so that the flowers of Changchun will have colorful.

After the flowering flowers, the vines will be fruitful. Its fruit is a very small particle, non-toxic, but not recommended. If Changchun, if you want to spend more, you can take your heart, pick your heart, you can promote the branch of Changchun, naturally, you can get more flowers.

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