Classification of colorful red stars

Bottle buds and pineapple

This variety is our relatively common varieties. Generally, the plants are relatively short. The leaves are dark green, and there are tan spots. The inflorescence is short, and the blue flower is opened.

Tongxin Caiye Pineapple

This is also a relatively common type. The length of the leaves is about 30 cm. The edges of the leaves will have small black thorns. The color is green but there will be small purple spots, and the back has gray stripes. When blooming, the leaves inside will turn purple -red. Its inflorescence is also relatively short, and the blue blue is relatively small.

Three -color leaf pineapple

It is also called colorful pineapple. The plant is about 25 cm tall, and its leaves are wide and short edges and small sawtooths. The middle leaves and pink classes. When blooming, the base of cup -shaped leaves will become red, which is a particularly popular. Observation plant.

All -side beautiful shy pineapple

This kind of new variety is the most loved one of the leafy flowers. Its plants are relatively short, generally 18 to 20cm. The leaves are radiation -shaped, the leaves are thick, the luster is green, and there are yellow -white stripes in the middle and edges. When blooming, the base of the leaves will become pink, very cute and beautiful.

The colorful red stars also have many types of Mei’s beautiful shy pineapple, beautiful colorful pineapple, stone pattern colorful pineapple, etc., which also have high ornamental value, which are more popular. I will not introduce them one by one.

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