Clivia can grow to 1.8 meters, priceless treasures, you can’t buy it if you have money


Comparison of flowers in the flowers, the swamp Clivia is already about to poke to the roof ~

The swamp gentleman is actually discovered in South Africa in 2004. It grows in acidic sand and can grow up to 1.8 meters! The most surprising thing is that in South Africa, its root system can even reach 4.5 meters!

The above three photos were photos of the swamp Clivia when they bloom, some like a smiley Clivia, but there are still some differences in color, and the flowers of the swamp gentleman orchid are directly exposed ~

Smart gentleman orchid

There are stems of the stems, which are generally between 50cm and 150cm. The mature Clivia, which has grown and mature, generally exceeds one meter in height.

One thing that is different from stem clivia and other Clivia is that there are stem stalks on the ground part of the stem Clivia in adulthood. If you look closely, you can see the obvious stem part.

Perhaps because of the stems on the ground, there are generally taller stems.

The flowers with stems of the stems are also sagging, which is a bit like a smiley Clivia, but the color is orange -red.

Fine Leaf Clivia

Flower Encyclopedia

Fine -leaf Clivia is actually called a smiley Clivia. Plants are usually 80 ~ 130cm high, which can be regarded as a common hungry variety in the family.

Other Clivia

The big man in the Clivia is those who are,

But then Huahua will also introduce some other Clivia varieties ~

As shown in the figure above, the leaves of Clivia, half white, half green, called “鸳 如”, which are generally called 鸳 如 如.

(Author: Lao Cui Clivia)

The picture above is a lottery. The white and green parts are staggered. There is a certain proportion, because the leaf color is unique, and it is loved by many flower friends ~

(Author: Lao Cui)

Like the Clivia in the picture above, the edge of the leaves is white, but the middle is green, called covering the wheel road, the price can reach about 10,000!

Then there is most green leaves, but there is a trace of white on the leaves, but there are very few white ones, and the distribution is not uniform, called the golden trail.

The round head monk body, the leaves are short and thick, the flowers are bright and bright. It is loved by flower friends. What kind of Clivia is your family? Are there any special varieties? You can leave a message to Huahua

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