Clivia The four seasons of maintenance and nursing taboos

Gentleland Spring Maintenance -Avoid Wind Blow

In spring, the gentleman Lan Meng grows, and the growth of the root system will gradually accelerate. However, in the spring, pay attention to it, because the nutrients are insufficient, and after being blown by the wind, the leaves of Clivia will have dehydration and reduce the ornamental.

Therefore, in the spring, Clivia should avoid being blown by the wind and have adverse effects.

Maintenance of gentleman orchid summer -avoid sun exposure

In summer, Clivia is more afraid of sunlight, because Clivia itself does not require high light, but prefers the environment of semi -yin.

In summer, the light and temperature are always very high, which will accelerate the evaporation of Clivia’s moisture and make it lose water. If it is not watering at this time, the leaves will appear yellow.

Therefore, in summer, Clivia is best to cover and cool down, maintain higher air humidity, and pay attention to reducing fertilization.

Clivia Autumn Conservation -Avoid Rain and Spray Water

In autumn, the temperature gradually decreases, and there are more rain at this time, so pay attention when breeding a gentleman orchid, avoid rain, and do not water too much, let alone spray water to avoid rotten heart.

At this time, pay attention to avoid water from entering the center of the leaves of Clivia to avoid rotten stamens.

Clivia in winter -avoid low temperature and dryness

In winter, the characteristics of the climate are relatively dry and low temperature, so pay attention to avoid low temperature and dryness at this time, and avoid being frozen and died.

In winter, keep the temperature and keep it in the room with light in the room.

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