Coffee tree breeding method and precautions

Coffee tree breeding method


When breeding coffee trees, you can choose some weakly acidic soil, but basically the coffee tree’s requirements for the soil are not very high. Use garden soil to mix other soils to raise them.

If you want to keep the soil weakly acidic, you can pour a little rice water when you usually maintain it.


Coffee trees are usually wet and wet, and keep the water sufficient. Do not be too drought.

Coffee trees require a large amount of water during the growth period. Generally, it is necessary to maintain sufficient water. When the seedlings grow to a larger growth, they can resist drought.


Coffee trees prefer light. If the light is lacking when breeding, the plants will grow poorly. But in summer, pay attention to avoid sun exposure to avoid damage to the plants.


Coffee trees are generally needed to change pots every year. When changing the pot, pay attention to remove the old roots and plant it in a new flower pot.

Precautions for the breeding of coffee trees

Leaf yellow

When breeding coffee trees, the phenomenon of yellow leaves is very common. Generally, this is a normal phenomenon. Pay attention to cleaning the yellow leaves.


When breeding coffee trees, proper topping should be made, which can promote its growth side branches and lush branches.


When breeding coffee trees, as the plant grows, there will be some lignification. The stems will become yellow -brown and cracks. This is normal.

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