Cold water breeding method and precautions

Illumination requirements

Cold water likes sunshine, but it is afraid of glare. In the summer, cold water should be placed in shadow, avoiding strong direct light. But to ensure the brightness of the maintenance location. But if the light is too dark, the leaves will die. In the shadow environment, the cold water leaves are clear, the feet is short, and the leaves are translucent and gloss. In the full-yin environment, cold water flowers are often growing, and the fence is growing, the stem is soft, easy to fall, and the plants are loose.

Fertilizer requirements

Master the principle of wet management, the potting soil keeps dry without cracking, and moisturizing is not wet. Regardless of the blade spray water can be cleaned and lustrous. There is less water in winter leaves, otherwise the leaves will appear black spots and even black rot. Two weeks, two or three or seven, nitrogen liquid fertilizers in two weeks, to promote the plant robust. Phosphorus, potassium fertilizer, anti-piping.

Temperature requirements

Green water is a cold water grown. The temperature is 18-22 ° C, and the wintering temperature should not be less than 7 ° C. Only in a suitable temperature, the plant grows rapidly and can better reflect their value.


In order to enhance the potted effect of cold water flowers, the growth period should be trimmed regularly, promote their branches, and keep full of strains. If you want to cultivate it into small potted plants, you have to take the heart, properly trim, make it dwarf. Be careful not to trim, otherwise it is easy to cause more cold water leaves, which affects the aesthetics.

When the cold water flower plant length is around 40 cm, the stem should be thrown outward. Shortly, short, promote new branches under the lower end of the plants, making the branches dense and compact.


One year in the spring, change the basin in the spring, fertilization, fertilization, fertilization with nutrients. The cultivation time is too long, and the growth should be trimmed in time, cutting updates. Otherwise, the viewing effect will be reduced.

Cold water likes strong scattering light, covering 70% of the sun in summer. Winter is not shaded or slightly shaped. In winter, the temperature should be above 13 degrees Celsius, the long-term temperature is less than 10 degrees Celsius, and the branches will be hurt. But in a short time, 5 degrees Celsius is about 5 degrees, there will be no harm.

Cold water like a humid environment, often keeps spraying moisture and higher air humidity. In the drought season, you can spray the surrounding environment or leaves.

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