Colorian breeding method and precautions

Soil requirements

Friends of flowers know that the soil needs of plant growth requires good drainage, breathable, loose fertilizer, and is rich in rot.

Watering requirements

Collasses have a strict demand for moisture. During the growth period, it is necessary to maintain the wetness of the potting soil and the environment, avoid the drought, and the anti-mass flood. Its biggest view value is that the colored leaves, once the water is too much, the blade is easy to dehydroid, and the root system is also easy to infect corrupted.

Sunshine requirements

Light of light has a big impact on the color of the leaf of the colors. When the sun is sufficient, the leaf color will be brightly beautiful, but the sun is sunburden, and the sun is too strong to cause the leaf surface to lose gloss. Of course, the colorful grass is in the shadow of the shaded environment, and the leaves are not very bright.

Temperature requirements

Colorful grass likes to warm and moist, requires air to be fresh. Winter control room temperature in 20 ~ 25 ° C, the lowest winter temperature cannot be less than 10 ° C, the temperature is too low, the blade will become yellow, and the plants below 5 ° C will gradually die. When maintaining other seasonal, try to keep the temperature within a certain range, do not suddenly change.

Fertilization requirements

Colorful grass is not high on fertilizer, and when planting, it is necessary to apply. The growth period is 1 to 2 times a monthly thin fertilizer.

Pest control

Collasses are prone to sudden death during the seedling period, and should pay attention to sterilizing soil during planting. There is a risk of leaf spot disease during the growth period, and 50% Tobin is sprayed with sterilization. When cultivating colored veldia in the family, it is prone to chicchiometers, red spiders and white powder hazards, and can choose from 1000 times solution spray in the oxide.

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