Common categories of cricket trees

Pentagonal maple

Pentagram maple is a kind of deciduous tree. The plant is relatively high and can reach 20 meters. The bark of the Pentagon is thinner, and there is milk in the branches. The leaves are single -leaf -pair. Generally, the shape of the palm -like crack, and the base of the leaves is heart -shaped. The fruit is flat, the length of the fruit wings is twice the fruit, and the open is pure angle. Generally speaking, it will bloom from April to May.


Also known as Qingfeng, it is much shorter than the Pentagon. It is a small tree of deciduous. Its crown is generally spherical or umbrella -shaped. The branches are very thin, and it is gray -purple or purple. The leaves of the chicken feet are 6 to 10 cm long, the palm shape is 5 to 7 cm deep cracks, and the edges of the leaves also have fine jaggedness. Its flowers are purple -red, and the fruit is spherical.


The height of this cricket tree can reach about 10 meters, and the crown may be widespread ovate or umbrella shape. The leaves of Yuanbaofeng are also palm -like cracks, the cracks are full, and the sharp corner is formed. Its nucleus is relatively flat, and the fruit wings are about to become about right corners. The fruit wings are generally wide.

Triangle maple

It is also called Yafeng. This kind of cricket tree is also very high. It can be about 20 meters. Its crown is ovate. The leaves are palm -shaped, generally the apex is not cracking or there are 3 shallow cracks, the leaves are 10cm long, the two sides of the fruit will raise, and the fruit wings will also become sharp horns.

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