Common cultivation of purslane


It is about 3 cm long, the diameter of the flowers can reach 5 cm, and the color is diverse. Red, pale purple, orange -yellow, white, pink and other colors. Some of the flower types, some decent petals, as long as the climate is warm, it can bloom throughout the year. If the outdoor cultivation flowering period in the northern region is in summer and autumn, if indoor planting, pay attention to temperature, you can also bloom throughout the year!

Half lotus

Half -branch lotus, also known as sun flower and pine -leaf peony, is blossomed because it is sufficient in the sun, and the flower type is exactly like peony flowers. The stems and leaves of the half lotus are meaty, and the flowers bloom on the top of the branch. There are also two types of flower types: single -petal and double petals. There are many colors, white, pink, purple red, orange yellow, etc., bright colors, focus on it, sometimes a flower of half lotus can bloom with two more compound color flowers above color. What about it!

Purple rice granules

The perennial herbaceous plants look like a narrow version of the semi -raw lotus. The leaves are rice grains. Because in the cool season, under the strong light, the leaves will become purple -red or purple halo, so they will be named purple rice grains. The color is rose red, five petals, and the flowering period is summer and autumn.


The branches of picana are many branches, the leaves are alternate, and the leaves are similar to the cylindrical tops, which are like a needle -shaped. There are fluff in the armpit, dense stems, and red purple color.

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