Common first flowers and then leafy courtyard flowers and trees


Ling Han’s alone is probably our most understanding of Lamei. Many people say that plants are full of gas. It is really vivid.

In addition to Ling Han’s own opening alone, La Mei also attracted much attention. The opening time of Lames is from November to March of the following year. The flowering period will be born with leaves, which also has its own style.

Li Hua

Li Shu has a long history of cultivation in our country. It can be seen how many people love Li Shuxiao, the elegant and white Li Huabo. Li Hua can be eaten. In addition, it can be used for beauty and skin care, can also be used as medicine, and is widely used.

Li Hua is also one of the representative flowers and trees of the flowers and leaves. Rao is the foil without green leaves, and it is still wonderful.


As a native flower in my country, Magnolia is regarded as the most ideal choice in beautifying courtyards.

my country is the state of etiquette, and since ancient times, it has been praised for the news of the grace, and the flower language of Magnolia is just in line with this. The white magnolia flowers are shaped like lotus, and they are quite noble. Blooming first and then leaf, quite personality.

Peach blossom

The famous poets and prime ministers of the Tang Dynasty in our country, the “peach blossoms are shallow in the depths of the peach blossoms, seem to be uniformly shallow makeup.” There are countless poems of peach blossoms in our country, which shows that people love peach blossoms.

The use of peach blossoms is diverse, the value is very high, and the peach blossoms are raw and beautiful. The ten miles of peach forest scenery of the three miles of peach blossoms in the movie is as beautiful as a fairyland. Although it is produced later, it is the beauty of peach blossoms.

The peach blossom blooms from March to April each year, and the results of the leaves are raw.


Kapok blooms from March to April every year, flowers first and then leaves, the flowering period is about 15 days, and the flowers are beautiful.

Kapok is different in the four -time scenery of the garden ornamental tree species. The consequences of flowers. The flowering period is briefly impressed by people. The flower language cherishes the people in front of the eyes and cherish happiness.

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