Common flower seeds to germination method

Water soaking

The seeds of flowers such as bauhinia, pearl plums, and brocade flowers are short and easy to germinate. They can be planted directly with 40 degrees of warm water from 40 degrees to 60 degrees. And some flower seeds have glue and waxy seeds. For example, the torch tree should first soak the seeds with 90 degrees of water, and naturally cool for 24 hours to soften the skin and absorb water, which promotes the seeds to germinate.


When using water soaking method to treat the seeds, change the water frequently. The water temperature exceeds 60-90 degrees, and it should not be more than half or an hour, and then reduce the water temperature to less than 40 degrees, otherwise the seed embryo will easily die.

Low temperature treatment

Thorn pear, plums, forsythia, cloves, and some autumn sowing herbal flowers need to break the dormant embryo after a certain period of low temperature (temperature between 0-10 degrees) and promote seeds to germinate.

Method of operation

Stir the seeds and humidity 60%of the sand evenly, put it in a plastic bag, tighten the bag and put it in the flower pot, and then bury the entire flower pot into the open field of 40-60 cm deep. Or you can also put the seeds in a 3-5 degree refrigerator for two or three months, and wait until spring. It can also be sown in autumn, waiting for the seeds to germinate in the spring after the winter is frozen in winter.

Temperature change treatment

The seeds of flowers, peony, peony, and peony have the habit of dimbolizing embryo and embryo axis. The germ root needs to break the dormant at a month of 25-32 degrees. After one month or more, break the dormant. When dealing with this kind of seeds, mix with wet sand before sowing, and then turn to low temperature after a period of high temperature.


When the seeds are temperature -changing, it is necessary to ensure that the high temperature and freezing period should be sufficient, otherwise it is still difficult to make seedlings after the seeds are sown.

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