Common hydroponic plants and maintenance methods

Rich bamboo hydroponic and its maintenance

Rich bamboo is a very common hydroponic plant. Its leaves are green, beautiful in plant types, and high ornamental of hydroponics. Fugui bamboo is a more shade -tolerant plant that can be placed indoors for a long time for viewing. When the hydroponic and rich bamboo, you can cut the wealthy bamboo stems into a small section of about 20cm, and you can directly insert it in the water. Generally, as long as one third of the cuttings can be soaked in water, they can take root.

Hydroponic hydroponics and its maintenance

Solk orchids are a plant that many people can breed. It is an evergreen perennial plant, mainly to watch the leaves, which is very ornamental. It can also be hydroponic, which can purify the air, and it is not difficult to manage. During hydroponic spinning orchids, you can directly dig out the potted plants of the potted plants, cut off the old roots and then hydroponic.

Green Luo hydroponic and its maintenance

Green Luo is also very suitable for hydroponic plants. It likes humidity environment in nature, so it will be easier to cultivate. Generally speaking, after green spinning, keep the water every 2-3 days, and add a little nutrient solution to the water to grow well. Hydroponic green dill has a strong ornamental, drooping branches, and can use the space sufficiently.

Bamboo hydroponics and its maintenance

Bamboo branches and leaves are slender, very beautiful, and high ornamental. The plant is very negative, which is suitable for placing on the bedside or table case, which is very beautiful. It is also possible to perform hydroponics. In recent years, there have been aquatic bamboo, which feels more fresh.

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