Common osmanthus variety classification

First, four seasons laurel variety group

Clum-shaped bush, low tree, short branches, and round spheres. New leaf dark red, old cooked leaf green or yellow green; blade is elliptical vast oval, full or sparse zigzilate, leafy wave wave is not obvious; thin leaf, leaves of leaves, network veins More obvious. The average of the petiole is about 1 cm long. The important feature is that the transition between the main veins of the blade is very large, close to the vertical state. The flower buds of ‘Four Seasons of Gui’ often monoze or 2-3 stacked, September to March, and flowers in March each year. The color is lighter, for milk yellow to lemon yellow, flowers are fragrant with Yingui, Jingui, Dangui, and variety have a four-season laurel, and the small leaves are four seasons. Four seasons flowering, there is a variety such as “Yue Yue”, “Nikikui”, “Da Yane Buddha”, “Tooth Leaf Four Seasons” and other varieties.

Second, Dangui variety group

An evergreen shrub, male and female, tree crown. The bark is shallow, smoother, and the skin is sparse. Leave rising, long elliptical or ellipse, 6-12 cm long, 5-5 cm wide; the leaves are flat, the leaves are reversed, the whole edge, the first occasion, the base width; the first end blunt or Screen; 8-10 pairs of side veins, the two sides of the network is obvious; the petiole is 8-10 mm. Flower color orange red, corolla is slightly buckled; flavor. Flowers in late September to early October. The autumn flowers, the color is deep, the orange, orange is to Zhu red, the smell is rich, the leaves thick, there are “Dahua Dangui”, “Dentarai”, “Zhu Sa Danui”, “Wida Red” and other varieties.

Third, Jinui variety group

Evergreen, small trees, tree crown round; tree trend is strong, the branches are tall, very close. The bark is gray, the leaflet or elliptical, the spring tip is relatively strong, the length is 15.9 cm; the leaves are dark green, the leather, and the leaf elliptical, the leaves are not flat, the leaves microwave, and the reverse roll is obvious; The whole edge, even the first side of the sawtooth; the color yellow, there is a strong fragrance, and it is not strong. Autumn flowers, flowers and yellow, yellow. The variety has “Dahua Jingui”, Great Leaf Huang “,” Huangchuan Jingui “,” Sports, Jingui “,” Huang Yu “, Xianning Laustu, Canton, Circle Jinsheng, Liu Ye Sui, Jin Shigui, Wave Ye Jinui, and other varieties.

Fourth, Yingui variety group

Evergreen sex small trees, tree crown round, large branches, branches and leaves, good growth. The bark is shallow gray, the skin hole is large, and it is very obvious. The average length of the spring tip is 15.5cm, the new tip is brown, very eye-catching. Blade green or dark green, thick leather, gloss; long oval or elliptical; blade is wide and thick; the leaves are flat; the leaves are shallow waves, the roll, the whole edge, and there is a sputum; flowering in 9 Mid-month, the crown slope, the splitter is circular, the sauce is yellow to lemon yellow, the aroma is rich; the flower is not strong. Autumn flowers, petrosy, white, yellow white or pale yellow. Variety has broad leaf seed silver, Liu Ye, Yingui, hard leaves, Yingui, “Seed Yingui”, “Jiulong Gui”, “Yue Yingui”, “Bai Jie”, “Pure Bai Yingui”, “Qingshan Yin Gui “and other varieties.

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