Common problems of rubber tree trimming

What season trimming in the rubber tree

Everyone wants to know when the rubber tree is trimmed. In fact, the season of pruning is very casual. Generally, if necessary, it can be carried out at any time. But if you want to cutting when trimming, then you usually choose to be during the late spring and early summer.

Can I cut a rubber tree in winter?

Although everyone trims the rubber tree, it depends on whether it is needed, but still pay attention to the environment. In winter, the northern region is mainly worried about temperature. If there is measures such as heating in the room, it is not impossible to cut the head.

How to trim the rubber tree too high

After a long period of breeding for a long time, the plants will grow, which will usually grow very high. At this time, it needs to be trimmed.

When trimming it, we usually beheaded to promote it to grow more branches. Choose a suitable height for beheading.

As for trimming the rubber tree, this is mainly to see the individual’s play. Properly trim can be trimmed out of the better plant type.

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