Common summer dormant flowers

What is sleeping

Speaking of the dormant period of flowers, during the summer or winter, the highest or lowest annual temperature, because the flowers can not be lower than the infringement of high and low temperature, a state of dormant stop growing to adapt to the harsh environment.

The main characteristics of the dormant period

All dormant flowers show that a characteristic is that the plant no longer grows or slows down. Today, the main reason for the main reason for summer sleeping flowers is because the growth environment temperature exceeds 30 degrees, some of which will be half dormant, some completely sleep, some completely dormant. Some of the plants lose their freshness and wither.

Common Xiamianhua


Everyone in living in life is mainly four seasons of begonia, Clivia, Tulip, Fairy, Geranium, Cynesses, Chanmei, Violet, Bailou Weng, Horseshoe Lotus, Narcissus, Daisy, etc.


The above -mentioned summer sleep flowers can also be divided into three different summer forms. Fairy Lai, Baitou Weng, Hyacinth, Narcissus, etc. belong to the dormant part of the balls; flowers such as violet, daisy, and Yumei belong to the seeds that need to be dormant to spend summer; The entire plant cannot be lower than high temperature and requires all dormancy.

Once the hot and hot climate in summer is not handled properly, the delicate flowers will suffer a lot of blows. As long as they manage the summer carefully, they will gradually become alive.

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