Common ten kinds of flower fence plant varieties


Morning Glory is a kind of vine plant. Some glory flowers will also bloom different colors in the morning and evening, so that it will be wrapped around the garden. The inexplicable one has a beautiful and dreamy feeling. The vitality is tenacious, the source is wide, and the price is low. It can be said that it is an excellent variety for a fence.


The color of the wooden fragrance is different. It is generally divided into two types of yellow and white. When blooming, the aroma is strong. There is an unsteady feeling. First, it smells its fragrance. It uses wooden aroma to make flowers.


The brocade flowers have colorful colors, the vitality is very tenacious, it is more cold -resistant and drought -resistant. It is very suitable for friends in the north. It is beautiful and dreamy. Seeing it, it will make people look bright and linger.


The flowers of the iron wire are huge. From a distance, it is like a lotus on land. It can not only grow it alone as a fence, but also plant it with flowers such as rose and roses to enhance the perception.

Honghua Jiwu

The leaves of the safflower’s steps are bright and colorful. Here I want to remind everyone that the red flowers Jimu has true and false, and you must polish your eyes when you buy it.

June Snow

The white flowers look very pure, coupled with strong vitality, and the requirements of the soil when they grow up, so it is very suitable for the hedge, which is both beautiful and good.

winter jasmine

The yellow spring flowers believe that everyone is familiar with everyone. It is a kind of affordable and beautiful fence plants. Many people’s families, fees, and gardens are used as flower fences in the gardens.


Du Juan is used as a fence plant by some family garden owners because of its beautiful appearance, but what I want to say is that the vitality of azaleas is not very tenacious, and it is not suitable for sun exposure. Therefore, you need to choose flowers carefully.

Golden peach

The color of the flowers is gorgeous, the shape is clear, the source is wide, and the economy is applicable. It is also a very good variety as a fence.


When the branches are not blooming, the branches are all oily and green, very eye -catching. After flowering, it looks like a small fresh feeling, and the aroma is full.

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