Common varieties of antlers fern

American antlers fern

It has high ornamental value. The lower part of the blade is many after the upper part, and the shape of the blades is huge. It is close to the growth of the trunk. The average large blades can be about 40 centimeters average.

Angola’s antlers fern

Because it is mainly growing in Africa and other places, it is also called African antlers. The spore leaves are huge but the nutritional leaves are very small. The shape of the spore leaves is like the ears of the elephant, and the nutritional blades are fan -shaped.

Kidney deer fern

As the name suggests, the leaves are the shape of the kidney, but not all the leaves are kidney -shaped. Only large spore leaves show the shape of the kidney.

Madagasca antlers fern

The lines on the leaves are clear and obvious, like honeycomb, very beautiful.

Triangular deer horn fern

The color of the leaves and the stems are gray -green. All leaves grow upwards. Unlike other sporo leaves, the spore leaves of the triangular leaf horn fern are wide and small, small and narrow.

Big deer fern

The general antlers fern is small nutrients, large spore leaves, and large deer horn fern is large nutrient leaves and larger spore leaves. The spore leaf often sags a drooping shape due to the huge leaves.

Hard leaf horn fern

The spore leaves show a calm dark green, and the texture is hard and upright.

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