Common varieties of Fairy Cup

Red Leaf Fairy Cup

It is also known as Chushuang, mainly distributed in the United States and northern California. The main characteristics are the plant type, wearing a white cream, the bladeless hair, growing on the base of the lotus seat, the leaves are silver -gray, and the green is slightly green. In the sunny growth environment, the leaves are bright red. Light green inflorescence, small and many flowers, bright yellow.

Wide -leaf fairy cup

The origin of the wide -leaf fairy cup is in the United States and Mexico, mostly growing around the rock cliff surface, or on both sides of the intercontinental highway. It belongs to the medium and large fairy cup varieties. The leaves are sword -shaped. The leaf color is silver -white, hairless, pattern, leafy lotus seats, which look like silver -white sanctuary, with white powder on the surface. Back.

Fairy Cup Baiju

Fairy Cup Baiju is a small fairy cup variety. It is easy to group, short and thick stems, and old piles are suitable for succulent bonsai. The shape of the blade is long cone type, which is thicker. The leaf color is gray -green, with powder on the surface, especially at the front end of the leaves.

Fairy Cup Love Du Lith

Fairy Cup Ailis’s origin is located in Oregon and northern California. For fine -leaf types, the leaves are fine -columnar, which can grow to more than 20 cm. The leaf color is pale green. In a sunny environment, red spots will appear. The inflorescence is large, with more than 10 white flowers, which are prone to group students. In addition, its old strains can form tuber. Suitable for the landscape of rock garden and bonsai.

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