Common varieties of pots!


Buddhist grass grass is not only used in succulent bonsai, but also often uses it in garden, greening and other gardening design. The Buddha’s grass is not large, and the whole plant has only one main stem. The color gradually changes from green to yellow. Not only is it angry to see, but also the flowers are particularly beautiful.

Bo Xue Wannian Cao

Many people think that this potted grass is like a narrow version of Buddhist grass. The whole plant of the golden thin snow is a single color, without gradient. Generally, the seedlings are blue and green. Stimulating golden yellow.

Ji Xing Beauty

As the longest -time use of potted grass, Ji Xing Beauty is a green plant of the genus. Ji Xingmei plants are above five centimeters and less than ten centimeters. The leaves are very hypertrophic than stem branches. The color is deep in the dark blue, and it is very seductive in the sun. Its appearance is like stars embellished in a pot of succulent plants, which can make the entire potted plant look beautiful, but also absorb the excess water in the flower pot to prevent rotten roots.

Small ball rose

Small ball roses are also a kind of potted grass. Its fertility is particularly strong. It can adapt to good adaptation whether it is drought or low temperature, and the shape is very small and exquisite. Blossom roses. The color is bright red and beautiful, and it is very suitable for embellishment in succulent.

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