Common varieties of thick Li

Common varieties of thick Li

Maoya thick Li

The hairy leaves are thick and lined, and the leaf is named after the brown pour. In terms of shape, the surroundings of the blades are full of serrated, and the flowering period is long. It is widely distributed in Inner Mongolia and other places in my country.Growing in hillside and bushs, sea oil is moist at the bottom of the ravine.

North Asia thick Li

The main characteristics of North Asia thick Li are small branches, and the chief of the stems has fluff. The flowering period and fruiting period are roughly the same in the hair leaf thick plum.There are more extensive growth and distribution, including Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and other places.It grows in the hillside, and the banks of the broad -leaved forest belt.

There are two kinds of common thick plum varieties, and there are many variants for viewing.

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