Common variety of cold water

Flower leaves

This is the most common variety.There is obvious pattern on the blade.

Advance cold water

Branch leaf is born, the plants are short, less than 20 cm.

Bubble water flowers

Also known as the grazings of sautdation, it is a perennial herb.The plants are spreading the shavity, which is fine and more, and the sections are very easy to root.The leaves are circular, light green, and the leaf table has a bubble protrusion.The flower is small, born in leaf arh, is a heroic.

Crumpled cold water

Also known as the prawn, the moon cold water, for many years of evergreen herb, and the strain is 20-50 cm.The leaf is a cross-shaped pair, the leaf is brown is red, the leaves are the main color of yellow green, and the leaves have wafle, beautiful and moving.Flower white, umbrella flower, flower spring, summer.

Silver leaves

It is also called a silver and shrimp, growing upright, easy to branches.The leaves have a beautiful silver, and there is a beautiful silver white strip, which is attached to the top of the leaffi.

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