Common variety of jasmine

Tiger head jasmine

Tiger’s jasmine belongs to the jasmine of heavy flap, and the flowers are easy to variably. Usually the leaves are three-leaf born, because the variety of disease resistance is poor, it is easily invaded by the pathogen. Relative cultivation is difficult, needing cutting cultivation in a high temperature and high humidity. This kind of uncomfortable is a family viewing, which is a common flower that will watch.

Chrysanthemum Jasmine

This variety is the larger variety of jasmine, which belongs to the middle class flower, the flowering is large, the flowering layer is large, the leaf color is deep than the leaf of ordinary domestic jasmine, and has a certain gloss, but the cutting is low, it is better Ordinary jasmine.

Baozhu Jasmore

Baozhu jasmine high can reach 1 meter. The branches are slightly smudged. Single leaf, the leaf is obvious, the first summer is pulled out of the new ships, the top born quaternion, the top birth or axillary, there are 3-9 flowers, usually three to four, the crown white, extreme aroma. The flowering period of most varieties, from the early summer, the late autumn flowers, the deciduous winter flowers, the flower period November – March the second year. It is one of the common varieties of daily breeding.

Lion head

The branches of the lion head are obviously protruded, the leaves are so green, mostly open at 7-8 hours, mostly open 1 ~ 2 floors, and the remaining next day is over.

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