Common variety of morning glory


Leaves are deep three-striped, and there are 1 flowers in the flower. There are blue, rose or white.

Round blasty

Leaves wide heart shape, full edge, small spontaneous, white, rose red, blue isometric.

Big flower

The leaf is long, with three crackers, the central lobes are large, and the irregular yellow plaque of Ye Yili is irregular.Flowers 1 to 3 axillary, the total terrier is shorter than the petiole, the flower is large, the flower diameter can reach 10 cm or more, natives of Asia and African tropics.This kind of cultivation is the most cultivated in Japan, called facing color flowers, and is born out of many horticultural varieties, the pattern changes, colorful, and is widely popular.


Stem, leaflets, big, bright sea blue, variants have light red or white, the inside of the tubular portion is often milky yellow, the original tropical beauty, the domestic occasion, there is cultivation, the flowers are still not yet.

Heavy flap

This kind of morning glory is relatively rare, the leaves are not different from other morning glory, but the petals are multi-flap, overlap growth.

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