Complex plants Snow lotus sowing common problems

Snow lotus sowing must prevent seeds falling down

When planting snow lotus, pay attention to prevent the seeds from falling. When sowing snowdrops, the tip of the seeds is generally facing down, it is easier to make seedlings but the seedlings are relatively weak. If the tip faces upwards, it is not easy to make seedlings.

Therefore, when sowing, the seeds should be placed flat, easy to emerge, and grow strong, not so easy to fall.

Snow lotus sowing should pay attention to put on a hat when unearthed

Many seeds will bring hats when unearthed, which affects the growth of the plant.

This phenomenon is that the soil is too loose, or the pot soil is too dry. It is necessary to pay attention to keeping the soil moist to prevent the plant’s growth.

Pay attention to reasonable fertilization when sowing in Snow Lotus

Generally, when breeding snow lotus, pay attention to reasonable fertilization. The three elements of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium should be balanced so that it will grow well.

Generally, in spring, it is more suitable for nitrogen fertilizer, suitable for phosphate fertilizer in summer, and autumn is more suitable for potassium fertilizer. During the flowering period, the flowering fertilizer is applied to promote flowering and extend the flowering period.

Snow lotus sowing should pay attention to preventing diseases and insect pests

Generally, during the small seedlings, Snow lotus is relatively prone to pests. Note that it will affect the growth of the plant.

Generally, it is rising disease and sudden illness.

Pay attention to the disinfection of the soil when sowing the snow lotus, and keep the water without water.

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