Cornflower’s family breeding method and precautions

Farming method

Pelvic requirements

The cornflower is more likely toothy, and the drainous soil is good. Therefore, the cornfibuli soil should try to make its drainage and ventilation, and the soil is more viscous, and the woods or pearl stone can be improved. Garden and soil, grass ash, etc., mixed with mix soil, is the best choice for cornflowers.

Light regulation

The cornflower is a long-term plant that takes a long time, so the winter attention will be placed in the place with sunlight.

In winter, the sunshine time is relatively short, sometimes meeting the needs of cornflowers itself, can use the plant lamp to supplement the lighting at night, you can get it early.

Summer sunlight is strong, can’t put cornflow chrysanthemum in direct sun, pay attention to shading, and receive some scattered light.

Water fertilizer regulation

The cornflower is poured once a day, it is enough, but when the summer is more drought, it is necessary to poured some water properly, usually, it will be placed once in the morning and evening, to keep the pot soil, but also reduce the temperature of the potted plants, but not Water.

Cornfish is happy. If the leaves are too lush, the amount of nitrogen fertilizer should be appropriately reduced. It is advisable to apply phosphorus before the flowering can make it a huge and beautiful flowers.

Pest control

The cornflowers are less. As long as you pay attention to the water, fertilize the right amount, increase the light, keep ventilation. A proper increase of spray insecticides is appropriately increased.


Avoid growing

The stem of the cornflowers is very weak, it is easy to get down, to prevent it from growing, and causing a ventilation.

Pay attention to proper fertilization

The growth period will be checked every 20 days, but should pay attention to it is not suitable for nitrogen fertilizer, should be appropriately performed, so that the stem should be touched, and a bright flowers can be made.

Pay attention to watering

At the same time, watering should be appropriate, excessive causes rotten, affecting the normal growth of the plants.

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