Cultural (Cellular) breeding method and precautions


Where is it?

Metarate is a tropical plant, and the environment above 20 ° C will grow strong. Breathing likes the sun, if the light is insufficient, the colorful spots on the leaves will also be dark, and the leaves are weak and weak. Therefore, do not fix it in one position during normal maintenance, move the placed, and ensure that light time over 3 hours a day.

temperature control

The color of the color is extremely resistant to cold, the most suitable temperature is between 25 and 30 ° C, the minimum cannot be less than 20 ° C. Winter temperature should be controlled around 15 ° C, otherwise the leaves will be yellow, and the plants are sluggish. When the temperature is 22 ° C, the tubers will germinate new leaves. Therefore, the temperature in the winter is controlled between 15 to 20 ° C to prevent the temperature over high impact.

Water fertilizer is in place

Colorful rhymes are wet, spring and summer needs to water, keep the pot soil moist, but avoid water. Fertilizes once, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and a nitrogen fertilizer during the long period of color.

Timely change the basin

Color rolls require soil loose, fertile, and good drainage. Since this shine is essential, in fact, the color of the color of the 50th is simple, because the 50 amazing will sleep in winter, and the spring is replanting, replacing half of the new soil, and buried the stems deep.

Meta pravage precautions

Beware of pegs and diseases

Pests and diseases are rare, need to pay attention to protect the stems, and the tubers are prone to dry corrosion during storage, and once they find it in time to spray the plug-in agents. It is prone to leaf spot during growth, and it is necessary to prevention, spray the bactericidal agents per month to protect the healthy growth of the plant.

Protect the stem

From 4 to August for the peak season of the growth season of 50, it will ensure the nutrients. After September, the leaves will gradually witness. At this time, water should be reduced, stop fertilization, so that the stem is safe in the earth. Wait until the second year of spring will continue to grow.

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