Culture method and precautions for gold diamonds

Farming method

Loose soil

Gold diamond breeding is not strict on soil, which is better to have a well-rich drain-rich drainage soil. Potting usually use peat and pearlite.

Water in a timely manner

Golden diamond is produced from the rainforest, likes the moist environment, and the gold diamond leaves are wide, and the water requirements are relatively large, so the growth period is moist, especially in the summer, high temperature during the summer. However, don’t water water, potte water is easily caused by the rotten of the gold drilling plant.

Appropriate shade

The gold diamond is not strict, but the long-term growth is in the shaded environment, otherwise the gold drill leaves are shallow, the petiole is long, the blade is sliding, and the ornamentality is reduced. The maintenance also avoids direct light direct, otherwise the blade can easily appear, the leaves of the leaves, the margin focus, the leaves are whiteized and loses luster. Therefore, in order to ensure the healthy growth, the potted plants should be placed in a sufficient environment of the half yin or scattered light.


Gold diamonds, fertilizers, growing fertilizers, is better in nitrogen, while paying attention to excessive fertilization, it is best to apply. Usually pay attention to the long-term fertilization of the gold diamond.

After entering the fall, pay attention to control fertilization, it is convenient for winter, and when the temperature is below 20 ° C, it is necessary to stop fertilization.


The gold diamond in a period of time will appear yellow, zoom, and the factors caused by improper maintenance or pests and diseases can be determined, and it is necessary to repair the old metabolism in time. When the trim, the yellow leaves, all secret, lean meat, reduce the loss of plant nutrients. Pay attention to the use of sharp instruments when trimming, reducing plant wounds.


Wet wet should be suitable

Golden diamonds like warm climate, farming needs to be kept at temperatures at temperatures, can not be less than 10 ° C, but also avoid the heat of heating, air conditioning and cold air.

The golden drill has a relatively large demand for the water, and the general air humidity is maintained between 50 and 75%, less than 50% of the yellow leaf dry edge, can increase the air humidity by watering, sprinkling water.

The water diamond water is preferably carried out at the surface of the pot soil, and the high temperature during the summer can be moist. If the ambient temperature is less than 15 ° C in the winter, it is necessary to dry wet alternate water.

Happy light

Gold drill, but also avoids strong light direct, the maintenance environment is preferably good in half yin or scattered place, can not maintain long-term maintenance in a shadow environment, otherwise the blade is easy to send, and the light is not too strong. Solve the leaves whitening without luster.

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